The Big News is Here!

Here is the big news I’ve been keeping under wraps and I’m sure it won’t be no surprise to anyone. That big news? CT is going to be receiving a entirely total makeover. In essence, that means a new name, fresh design, new domain and of course the topic of the blog will be changing.

So what am I expecting to remain the same, the visitors. To all the readers out there I am giving an open invitation. I am inviting everyone to check out the new blog that will be released hopefully in late February or early March.


I plan to use the new blog as a way of tracking my progress in some money making projects I plan to start in February and March. It’ll also be a mix of other issues as well ranging from personal conversation to lots more.


I’ve got the name chosen, the domain is purchased and I am moving to a more faster and stable hosting company. Not that this one is bad but I am trying to diversify a bit. At the same time, I am planning on getting Bryan Le (of to possibly design the template. It’ll run about $450 … or I may get Adii from who is a master at Wordpress designs.

Lastly, I have been working overtime every night for the last week or two in order to improve the quality of my content. Expect to see more media in my posting and the keywords and everything will flow together.


A GIVEAWAY - I plan to give away 2 Sony PSP’s during the grand opening so if you want a Sony PSP, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on the release of the new blog soon to come.

More details will be available later on…

Time to Shop 4 Love… :)

Its getting close to that time of the year. The time where love is in the air and florists and jewelers begin to pickup on their sales. That’s right, its almost VALENTINES DAY.

Now, I am not sure about you, but I’ve already planned out a nice dinner, movie and ice skating for my fiance. But the real question is though, have you got something for that special someone. Well, if you haven’t then your in luck. I have created a page that will be up from now until Valentine’s Day.

I’ve also set it as the main page all of the visitors will come to when you visit CT. But the best part that I love is this: CT has big news which I will be dropping later on tonight or tomorrow. Get ready for it because its going to change the game face of CT entirely.

And when I say its going to change the face, I’m talking a true makeover :)

Elementary Students Rule the Stock Market!

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Are you a stock market guru? If you THINK you are, maybe you want to think twice after reading this.

While I was browsing online on the community newspaper website, I read a very interesting article that deserves some exposure. And for the children that were involved, they deserve a lot of credibility. Now seeing how this blog can be seen by anyone, I am going to keep their names under wraps (even if the newspaper has their names on the website.)

Here is the article from the website:

Before making your next investment decision, you might want to consult with West Seaford Elementary students Young Lady 1, Young Man 1, Young Lady 2 and Young Man 2. Their on-line portfolio grew $9,000 from October to December. Their portfolio is, of course, hypothetical. The University of Delaware twice a year holds The Stock Market Game for all of Delaware. Every public or private school in the state is eligible for participation. High school, middle school and elementary school students from schools all over Delaware form teams and are given a hypothetical $100,000 with which to invest in the real stock market. The students manage the portfolio through The Stock Market Game’s website.

The Stock Market game is held in every state and is available worldwide. The game was created by the Foundation for Investor Education, a nonprofit that provides educational re sources for investors of all ages. The University of Delaware has been making the program available to educators in the state for over 20 years. Eighty Five teams participated in Delaware this year and the group from West Seaford won first place. “They invested very conservatively,” said Renee Clark, the student’s SPARK teacher who supervises the game at West Seaford.

Now I’m no stock market expert but I know enough to say that with results like that, maybe kids are becoming brighter young people and maybe the financial world will see a more stable future. So if I could, I would say congrats to those 4 young students who managed to make that much money in such a timespan in the stock market.

Maybe I’ll have to hire them to be my personal financial advisors :)

What are your thoughts on this story?

Voicing My Opinion: State Farm & ESurance Sucks!

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Are you in the market for car insurance? If you are, here’s my opinion being voiced. STATE FARM SUCKS! ESURANCE SUCKS! End of story.

So why am I being so negative against these 2 auto insurance companies. Let’s review a small story that is one of reality too.

Back in December, I was involved in a front end collision with a young girl, 17 years old to be precise. Anyway, I was heading back from Maryland one evening from dropping my brother off to work. I was on a back road that had a 50MPH speed limit and although sometimes I drive at about 60MPH, I don’t drive that fast by myself at night. I remember precisely doing 55MPH. Within’ 100 feet of the girl’s home, she decides to pull out (which is TOO LATE to pull out if you ask me.)

So in essence, to avoid a collision I tried to maneuver around her in the oncoming traffic lane. She decides to make a turn about 100 feet from her house, but, what she did not do was initiate a turn signal telling me that she was going to turn left. Right when I leveled out with her she makes a quick maneuver to turn and results in me running into her.

In the end, I ran into her and we have an accident. The fender, shock and passenger bumper took a good hit and so did the mirror. The wheel and the front end of their FRIEND’S TRUCK was damaged.

In the end, I was charged with the accident, the auto insurance company pays for her damages and everything. What do I get, a $90 fine and the worry of having to fix the car for my brother. BUT, here is the catch… in my recorded statement with ESurance, the lady told me that in the State of Maryland, if one driver is found to be at least 1% at fault, the other person’s insurance company has the right to deny fixing the other person’s vehicle.

Now review the facts of why I believe she is at 1% fault and shouldn’t have been covered:

1. She is 17 years old driving the vehicle, I thought you had to be at least 25 years old to drive a vehicle without someone’s permission. And what gets me is that they requested for us not to contact the guy until they did. I feel they said this to naturally have him consent to her driving the vehicle.
2. She pulled out too early
3. They had an “independent witness” who I don’t know who it was because of the fact that there were NO CARS AROUND!!!!
4. She did not use a turn signal

So why was she covered and I wasn’t, EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS 1% AT FAULT

The voice of the officer made that decision, in the entire police report, I was pointed to as the one at fault because I tried to maneuver around her in a double line zone.


So simply, I was screwed out of this entire thing.


Because, I tried to explain to the lady from Kareema from ESurance and she constantly made it all seem like it was MY fault before the police report was even released. Now, when I called State Farms Claims Dept. - they were against me to and tried to act like it was my fault. So you know what, that’s State Farm’s problem, they paid it not me so whatever.

So in conclusion, for anyone shopping for auto insurance, I highly suggest you not mess with either company as my story makes apparent, she was 1% at fault so I feel that State Farm shouldn’t of covered it and she should have to pay for the damages that was her fault.

With that being said, I want to make it noticeable:

State Farm and ESurance, You Both Suck!

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