Update: Feb. 1, 2008

Wow, what a rough path its been since the last response to this blog. First, I apologize for being out of touch for that long. Wasn’t expecting it to be totally honest. Why was I gone? For good reason if its safe to say.

But in all reality, the main reason why I was gone was because I was working on 3 new blog concepts that I have under wraps. The names will be released sometime in the next few weeks but the concepts will stay under wraps until each one opens. Surely, 2 of the new blogs I have planned aren’t BRAND NEW concepts but one of them can be looked at as being one. And I’m so confident it’ll be successful that I wouldn’t be surprised to see people start copying off the idea.

But the vital point of it all is the planning to put them all within’ a “small network” that I am building up. Since I am building three blogs, I might as well make it a network. The decision on whether or not CT will survive these 3 new blogs is still not available. I hope to keep CT around but modify the blog topic just a bit and everything and definitely grant it a entirely new look.

But with that being said, stay tuned because I plan to link in a few RSS feeds to keep this blog alive while I work on the three new blogs. Thanks again everyone for your time and support.

LASTLY, keep watching for the “Month of Love” contest which will be around the end of February. It’ll be well worth it ;)

-{Your Feedback Could Be Worth $25… Read to Find Out}-

Its been almost 1 month since CashTalkz was officially “re-released” as a youth money making and management blog and in lightness of the new changes I am planning right now, I’ve got a request. A simple request that could possibly put some money into your PayPal.

And no, you don’t have to spend anything… but your input is valued at this point. ;)

I am in need of some feedback on how to improve the blog and gain some more readers. In short, I need your opinion on what you would like to see here. Is it more contests and giveaways, do the post’s need fine tuning, or does the design need a total overhaul? Even if some of the stuff is planned to be completed soon, I want your input.

For your contribution, you will be entered into a drawing to win $25.00 cash via PayPal. So I need your feedback. And all you have to do is leave a comment in this blog post telling me your detailed feedback and you’ll be entered for the $25.00 drawing.

This’ll end around February and the winner will be announced February 28, 2008. So this gives you more then enough time to leave your input.

Thank you to all who decide to leave your feedback.

eBay’s Advantage: Lower Insertion & Final Value Fees

A while back I did a post on how to make some extra money by utilizing eBay and some of your useless items that you find during Spring Cleaning. Little did I know eBay would actually make a move that will benefit you all. Lower insertion fees AND lower final value fees!

I began reading this on CNBC and began to look further in-depth to this. What I found out was that they are going to be lowering these fees. When to expect them lower fees? Try within’ the next week or so of this post. How is this beneficial for you AND them… check out this list of benefits I made up.


1. More Members - With the lower insertion fees, expect more members looking to sell. With more people wanting to sell online, this’ll definitely boost the eBay Marketplace.
2. Higher Valued Items - Now that members see they won’t have a huge chunk taken out of the with the final value fees being lowered, they can actually breathe a sigh of relief and raise the price on their items.
3. More Sales - With the issue of mounting more sales from both the lower insertion fees and final value fees, eBay will begin to profit a lot more. Just me own rough opinion
4. Possibility of More Verified Members - With the possibility of more sellers, many people will actually have a better choice of items from Verified Members compared to those who are Verified BUT want a arm and a leg for an item

But not only are eBay lowering prices across the board, they are also doing a few misc. things with that. If my mind serves me correctly, they are going to be doing some upgrades to the feedback system. What enhancements they plan, I don’t know, but hopefully we’ll find out sooner or later.

So why should you join eBay today? I think I just proved my point. If not, here is the summarization for all of you.

1. Lower Insertion Fees
2. Lower Final Value Fees
3. FREE Signup
4. Access to THOUSANDS (IF NOT MILLIONS) of Interested Buyers
5. Simple Verification System
6. Simply Put… Its eBay :P

So head on over to eBay today and get your spring cleaning done early this year, that way when it actually comes time for Spring, you can expect some money in your pockets. Thanks to eBay :)

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Advice for Bloggers: Read a Magazine

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Yesterday, I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for the doctor and if you’ve ever sat in one, you know it can be a wait. So what other alternative do you have then to read a magazine, hence is what I did. But DANG! Whoever thought that a
magazine can generate so many new topics for a blogger. By the time I was done reading the
magazine, I had enough topics to go on for days.

So what should you do if your a blogger, I think the answer is simple.


Read a Magazine.


Read some of the articles, browse some of the advertisements, and just get a general feel of the interest inside of the magazine. If you do this, your sure to get enough ideas. Hey, it was so good, I plan to getting a subscription to Forbes,
and Sports Illustrated just so I can get some new ideas for this blog. Keep in mind, its a blog for youth so why not get the Sports Illustrated? ;)


The only suggestion I have is that when you read a magazine, get one that preferably is in relation to your site. That way the ideas you generate from the magazine fall in line with the topic of your blog. For example, you have a blog that has to deal with hip-hop music, don’t read a magazine that has to do with environmental protection. Some magazines recommended for a hip-hop music blog would be:

1. XXL
2. The Source
3. VIBE Magazine
4. URB1 Magazine (Hip-Hop Fashion)

One thing I don’t recommend is to fully copy a article over. I’m sure a few people believe in posting an article as their blog and consider it a blog. Its more like duplication (along with a long list of other things. Unauthorized republishing is one of those and we don’t want to lose a blog to something like that, do we?)

SOOOOOOO, In Conclusion…

When your bored and you don’t have any topics for your blog, read a magazine. If you don’t have any money for one, there are resources for reading magazines. Start with your local library or resource center. They usually keep up with monthly magazines and if you are lucky enough to get one of those “Subscription Cards” from inside it, you can subscribe to a particular magazine and save off the newsstand price.

Talk about saving money… :D

Good luck and use this tip wisely…

Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate: Day 1

About a little less then a year ago (give or take some) I had found something that sounded too good to be true. A program that depicted the idea of being “too good to be true” like the late night infomercials you see on TV. That (at the time) strange find was a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

I found it weird because of the amount of success stories, yet I remained a bit skeptic. Everyone has their own skepticism level and mines was flashing “Red Alert” above my head. Now 1 year (or so) later, I’m taking the challenge on.

To knockout the sole question at hand right now, Wealthy Affiliate is like an online affiliate marketing classroom. Its designed to help you build your foundation (if not the entire base) to learning the world of internet marketing. Various topics are covered including article marketing, pay per click advertising and numerous other methods of helping you to succeed in internet marketing.

In a nutshell, its your guide to making some extra income from the comfort of your home. With that being said, I’ve started the “Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate” series. I’ve paid the $30 dollar monthly recurring due for this month and will keep track in this series over the next month.

Before continuing on, watch this Wealthy Affiliate Presentation Video…


Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate: Day 1

Although in actuality I haven’t been with the Wealthy Affiliate program for a full day, I have began to learn a bit. Understand one thing when joining Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be in for some major information overload for the first week! There is so much information and resources that its hard to define where to start at. Although Kyle and Carson (the creators of Wealthy Affiliate and successful affiliates themselves) have a “Getting Started” section, its still a bit much to contain.

It took me almost 15 minutes to get setup but around 30-35 minutes to get the understanding of how things worked and where to begin. Even at the end of the “Intro” I was still a bit puzzled as to where to start. So I started where the 2 recommended, reading “Week 1″ of their “8 Week Action Plan” that they offer. It discussed many topics and helped lay the blueprint for correctly getting started.

I think that should sum it up just about, but here is a few of the wonderful features that they offer, all in a nutshell (again) of course.

WA Spaces:


Wealthy Affiliate Screenshot 1


You’ve heard of MySpace, Facebook, etc. What is the connection between them all? They are social networks that allow for you to send other members personal messages, view their photos and even add them as a buddy. Wealthy Affiliate offers the power of social networking with their own personal “WA Spaces” feature. Connect with other members, network with them and learn their methods of how they are becoming successful online.

Unmatched Forum Support:


Wealthy Affiliate Screenshot 2


The one thing that I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that they are a close-knit community. That sounds just about right assuming WA’s mission is to help each other to become successful and it doesn’t get any better then having someone hold your hand in the forum. The other thing I find quite interesting is that the creators, Kyle and Carson, are both active on the forums and go through many obstacles to help you become successful. How do they do that?

They are their for one-on-one support. If you have a question or concern about internet marketing or if your stuck at a certain point, they’ll help break you free. Both Kyle and Carson are there to help you in your online money making endeavors.

Keyword Research:


Wealthy Affiliate Screenshot 3


In order to receive proper indexing into major search engines or even exposing your pages to more traffic, you need to research and build a keyword base. Wealthy Affiliate helps you build your online money making foundation by providing you with a keyword research tool at NO ADDITIONAL COST! So save your money from Wordtracker and/or Keyword Discovery and use the power of this great tool to the fullest extent.

And remember, if your not sure how to use it or what to do, Kyle and Carson are but a click away :)

Pre-Made Keyword Lists:


Wealthy Affiliate Screenshot 4


Don’t know how to generate keywords or just want to capture a few useful keyword, then the keyword lists are for you? Kyle and Carson provides you with the most strategic keywords that have made them successful. And best of all, like every other feature available on Wealthy Affiliate, its FREE! You can use these in your article marketing or your PPC campaigns.

The keyword lists are available by in XLS (Excel) and TXT (Notepad) formats. In either manner, your sure to be successful by using some of the keywords provided.

So before you ask, are there ANY con’s about WA? My answer is no, or at least nothing major. Only flaw I see with it is that the grammar is a tiny bit bad. It sometimes requires you to read a specific sentence once or twice to get a better understanding but hey, nothing in life is easy to learn. And if your serious, you’d be willing to read it as many times as it takes to get it down.

But the bottom line is this, the features and the opportunity to making money online with Wealthy Affiliate exceeds some small grammar issues. Trust me, there are over AT LEAST 20-25 other features including ClickBank Research, Keyword Competition Spy, $500 Challenge, WA Jobs, etc.

What to Expect in the Wealthy Affiliate Series?

My goal in this series is to let everyone follow me on my path to becoming a true successful internet marketer. I’ve already set a earnings goal of $1,500 in my first month of using the service. My path to online money making is just getting started but the question is, will it be a paved road at the end of the travel?

Keep watching, I’m going to keep studying and I will make another post in a few days (sometimes this weekend to be exact) to keep you up with my progress. If your interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate and become an online money making genius, then click the banner at the top of this blog to get started. I wish you the best of luck in your adventure to become a “wealthy affiliate.”

One more thing, you can view all of the screenshots of Wealthy Affiliate in the Photo Album section of CT… thanks.

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