The Rebuild: From the Ground Up

EDITED: February 07, 2008

For the last few hours since I posted this “Rebuild” topic, I’ve been stepping back and looking at the business module of this site. Although I had a great idea and still feel like money making and management for youth could suffice as a blog, I’ve decided to try out a new project.

That project is to build this page into a “one-step blog.” The BRAND NEW business module behind all of this: Making money online.

How will this work?

Simply, I will be taking (what I believe to be) the top 5 online money making blogs and feeding their RSS feeds through this blog. The benefit of all this… to help you find all the necessary elements to get you started in making money online.

Now, I am hoping to get their approval to re-distribute their RSS feeds on this blog. The benefit of them letting me do so is endless (not to mention hopefully it’ll gain them some new traffic to their site.)

So what am I getting out of this… to say the least, hopefully my first successful blog (if you want to call it that.) Everyone is benefiting from this and I hope this new project pays off. Both for the bloggers (in terms of gaining new readership through a third-party blog that will hopefully get around 500 unique visitors a day by the end of February.) At the same time, you, the reader, will hopefully benefit from the knowledge you’ll gain. My benefit: The feeling of successfully helping 2 parties out.

Simple as that…

So without further or due, here is for the new CashTalkz Dot Net… I hope to get a fresh and professional design in March possibly and remove this “freebie theme.”

Right now, I am going to contact those 3 bloggers and get their approval if possible.

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