Six People Required: $20 EACH!

I’m on my way back into the freebie world, and while on my way back into the freebie world, I am looking to give away some cash. I mean really, who DOESN’T want some free money in their pockets or some extra dollars to buy that lucky Valentine something. But don’t look at this as SPAM, more of an “investment” if you will.

Here’s the deal!

I need 6 people to complete a freebie website for me. I am assuming you know how to if you inquire. You should know the rules… if not, redirect yourself to the following page:

Now remember, you will only be paid upon going green. You will be paid $15 ($5 more, giving you $20, assuming you complete in 24 hours.)

So what are you waiting for, lets get to it :)

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