Update: Feb. 1, 2008

Wow, what a rough path its been since the last response to this blog. First, I apologize for being out of touch for that long. Wasn’t expecting it to be totally honest. Why was I gone? For good reason if its safe to say.

But in all reality, the main reason why I was gone was because I was working on 3 new blog concepts that I have under wraps. The names will be released sometime in the next few weeks but the concepts will stay under wraps until each one opens. Surely, 2 of the new blogs I have planned aren’t BRAND NEW concepts but one of them can be looked at as being one. And I’m so confident it’ll be successful that I wouldn’t be surprised to see people start copying off the idea.

But the vital point of it all is the planning to put them all within’ a “small network” that I am building up. Since I am building three blogs, I might as well make it a network. The decision on whether or not CT will survive these 3 new blogs is still not available. I hope to keep CT around but modify the blog topic just a bit and everything and definitely grant it a entirely new look.

But with that being said, stay tuned because I plan to link in a few RSS feeds to keep this blog alive while I work on the three new blogs. Thanks again everyone for your time and support.

LASTLY, keep watching for the “Month of Love” contest which will be around the end of February. It’ll be well worth it ;)

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