eBay’s Advantage: Lower Insertion & Final Value Fees

A while back I did a post on how to make some extra money by utilizing eBay and some of your useless items that you find during Spring Cleaning. Little did I know eBay would actually make a move that will benefit you all. Lower insertion fees AND lower final value fees!

I began reading this on CNBC and began to look further in-depth to this. What I found out was that they are going to be lowering these fees. When to expect them lower fees? Try within’ the next week or so of this post. How is this beneficial for you AND them… check out this list of benefits I made up.


1. More Members - With the lower insertion fees, expect more members looking to sell. With more people wanting to sell online, this’ll definitely boost the eBay Marketplace.
2. Higher Valued Items - Now that members see they won’t have a huge chunk taken out of the with the final value fees being lowered, they can actually breathe a sigh of relief and raise the price on their items.
3. More Sales - With the issue of mounting more sales from both the lower insertion fees and final value fees, eBay will begin to profit a lot more. Just me own rough opinion
4. Possibility of More Verified Members - With the possibility of more sellers, many people will actually have a better choice of items from Verified Members compared to those who are Verified BUT want a arm and a leg for an item

But not only are eBay lowering prices across the board, they are also doing a few misc. things with that. If my mind serves me correctly, they are going to be doing some upgrades to the feedback system. What enhancements they plan, I don’t know, but hopefully we’ll find out sooner or later.

So why should you join eBay today? I think I just proved my point. If not, here is the summarization for all of you.

1. Lower Insertion Fees
2. Lower Final Value Fees
3. FREE Signup
4. Access to THOUSANDS (IF NOT MILLIONS) of Interested Buyers
5. Simple Verification System
6. Simply Put… Its eBay :P

So head on over to eBay today and get your spring cleaning done early this year, that way when it actually comes time for Spring, you can expect some money in your pockets. Thanks to eBay :)

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