Advice for Bloggers: Read a Magazine

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Yesterday, I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for the doctor and if you’ve ever sat in one, you know it can be a wait. So what other alternative do you have then to read a magazine, hence is what I did. But DANG! Whoever thought that a
magazine can generate so many new topics for a blogger. By the time I was done reading the
magazine, I had enough topics to go on for days.

So what should you do if your a blogger, I think the answer is simple.


Read a Magazine.


Read some of the articles, browse some of the advertisements, and just get a general feel of the interest inside of the magazine. If you do this, your sure to get enough ideas. Hey, it was so good, I plan to getting a subscription to Forbes,
and Sports Illustrated just so I can get some new ideas for this blog. Keep in mind, its a blog for youth so why not get the Sports Illustrated? ;)


The only suggestion I have is that when you read a magazine, get one that preferably is in relation to your site. That way the ideas you generate from the magazine fall in line with the topic of your blog. For example, you have a blog that has to deal with hip-hop music, don’t read a magazine that has to do with environmental protection. Some magazines recommended for a hip-hop music blog would be:

1. XXL
2. The Source
3. VIBE Magazine
4. URB1 Magazine (Hip-Hop Fashion)

One thing I don’t recommend is to fully copy a article over. I’m sure a few people believe in posting an article as their blog and consider it a blog. Its more like duplication (along with a long list of other things. Unauthorized republishing is one of those and we don’t want to lose a blog to something like that, do we?)

SOOOOOOO, In Conclusion…

When your bored and you don’t have any topics for your blog, read a magazine. If you don’t have any money for one, there are resources for reading magazines. Start with your local library or resource center. They usually keep up with monthly magazines and if you are lucky enough to get one of those “Subscription Cards” from inside it, you can subscribe to a particular magazine and save off the newsstand price.

Talk about saving money… :D

Good luck and use this tip wisely…

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