Denied a Bank Acct? Get Plastic!

The perfect alternative to a checking account

Here is a issue I see many people run into when they want to start building their financial status back to good health. And because of their past financial history might reflect a bad record, those people are looked down on.

So what do you do when it comes to managing your money in an account but banks reject you? The answer is: Get Plastic!

In today’s society, debit cards are the biggest hype as they are so much easier and flexible. Not to mention just about twice as safe as carrying cash.

Here are 6 benefits why a debit card may be your best choice. In this case, I’m focusing on the AccountNow Vantage Debit Card.” Here we go…

Reason 6: Safer Then Carrying Cash

Your walking along in the mall, you get home and notice something. Your CASH isn’t in your pocket! Shocking huh? And to think, you can’t get it back what-so-ever. The cash is gone with the wind and your broke.

With a debit card? NOT! Simply call IMMEDIATELY and cancel the card and have another card issued. Your money is safe, your old card is no longer any good which means if nothing was spent, your money is still yours.

Even if it was used, simply tell the AccountNow Rep that you did not authorize it and start a dispute about the charge(s) and let them handle it. It shouldn’t be no harder then that.

Reason 5: Avoid Check Cashing Fees & Bank Lines

Ever stood in those boring wait lines to get your paycheck cashed? Who hasn’t? Its got to be one of the most boring (if not obnoxious) things to do after getting your check. But don’t fret, the AccountNow Vantage Debit Card eliminates that problem.

With FREE Direct Deposit, you can have your paycheck loaded into your account. The best part about direct deposit is that on average, the funds are loaded to your account around 12am (midnight) on payday. And yes, it REALLY is free (no charge for direct deposit.)

Reason 4: No Overdraft Fees

Don’t let the title fool you, just because it says “No Overdraft Fees” doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll pay for your overdraft. I’m assuming from my point of view (since I have a debit card issued by the same bank) that if you don’t have enough funds, they simply send a notice back saying you don’t have the sufficient funds.

What’s so good about this? Compare that to the NSF fees many banks would charge you for everytime such a request would come to them. They’d send it back saying you didn’t have the funds and charge you an NSF fee. Uh uh buddy, not here :)

Reason 3: No Credit or ChexSystems Verifications

Recently I went to a bank to try and open a new bank account because Bank of America some how charged me $xxx in NSF fees. That account got closed and reported to ChexSystems. So when I went to open a new bank account, I was declined a new account anywhere.

Even though that negative blimish will be removed once its paid off, I can’t get a bank account anywhere. So if you got a bad ChexSystem record or bad credit, don’t let that effect you. Why?

Because AccountNow Vantage Has a 99.9% Approval Rate

Reason 2: Online Bill Pay Enhancement

Keeping this part short and sweet, forget having to run out to pay those bills. Do it from the comfort of your PC. You’ll be able to login to your account online, answer a few questions, press submit and consider your bill paid.

It can’t get no easier then that ;)

Reason 1: Make Purchases WORLDWIDE

No matter where you are, you can use your AccountNow Vantage wherever MasterCard is accepted. This includes a convenience store, gas pumps (assuming you have a minimum of $50 on your card), and even (YES) - ONLINE!

So… Bottom Line:

Take all of the reasons above into consideration the next time you want a bank to manage your funds. Its either the bank or the AccountNow Vantage card. Your choice, but I think the 6 reason’s above are MORE then enough proof.

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