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Since the beginning of January 2008, CashTalkz Dot Net has been online. The sole purpose in mind was to teach youth the goal of making money and managing money. Little did I know that, ONCE AGAIN, my mind would start to express ideas for a differenter project. One that I actually feel comfortable I will suit with for a while.

With that being said, I have been speaking with somebody lately who plans to take over this blog. What changes are expected has yet to be discussed but I’m sure it will be something good.

The new blog that I will be starting up will hopefully be shared on this blog (if I can talk the new owner into reviewing it.) One thing I plan to do is have the new owner continue the concept behind the blog. I don’t know what will happen and I hope to close this deal in a day or two.

So for right now, please just be aware that new ownership is coming. I appreciate everyone for their support and I will NEVER forget all of my visitors.

My Major Success:

The major thank you goes out to all of those who visited the site. I had approximately 5,000 unique visitors on my blog in the month of January 2008. I also was able to generate $400 in affiliate marketing earning. In the month of February, I’ve generated $30 so far (but that’s because I haven’t been marketing thoroughly.)

Thank you once more and keep an eye out for my new blog as I plan to grand release it with a $100 contest. Thank you ONCE more to everyone and keep supporting this blog in the future…

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